Saturday, November 15, 2008

Woman Walking--Small Format Oil Painting

Today's effort is outside my usual realm of subjects and executed in a very unusual manner. This walking woman comes from Karin Jurick's Different Strokes weekly challenge. Although I've been painting some figures recently, painting them upside down is way beyond my usual working method. Yes, that's right. The challenge this week was to paint upside down. Only when it was almost complete did I turn it right side up and add a couple of last minute touches. It goes to show what I've always known, but seldom practice. Painting shapes works well. If a shape is painted, it doesn't matter whether you paint it one direction or the other, it is still the same shape. When painting, intellect some times gets in the way. Instead of painting what is seen, we sometimes paint what we think the subject should look like and quit actually looking at the actual shapes. This was fun. Upside down painting is probably a practice I should take up more often. The painting is 8x10 inches.
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treasurefield said...

You certainly conquered that challenge. Very nice painting!
I'm such a perfectionist, I need to let go that way. Could go in all kinds of directions. Glad you brought it to my attention!
~alisa R. :)

Femin Susan said...

oh indeed gorgeous

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks--painting upside down was so much fun, I did some more. :)

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

oh it worked so very well. The design elements are strong. I instantly liked it!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks Robin!