Sunday, November 30, 2008

Evening Tree Shadows--Original Landscape Oil Painting

Still working on the large painting, but did this one as a quick warm up. A while ago I did a series of color studies with tree trunks as the subject. It was a simple subject, but worked well to display the effects of color choice. This 5x7 inch oil painting was created using Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Orange, and Cadmium Lemon Yellow. In this particular study I used a different brand of Cad Orange. My last set of studies I used Windsor & Newton Cad Orange. In this study I used Gamblin. Although I usually prefer Gamblin oil color to Windsor & Newton, I have to say I prefer the W&N Cad Orange to the Gamblin. The W&N is just a little deeper leaning toward red. The Gamblin leans toward yellow. Little studies like this one work well to keep my color choices calibrated when changing brands of paint. The decision is back to W&N for my next Cadmium Orange purchase.
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Nancy and the fatties said...

Good idea to try out colors on the small studies, Nancy. Have you ever worked with transparent orange? Gamblin has a nice one that works really well for underpainting.

Nancy Merkle said...

I do have some Gamblin Transparent Orange, but haven't used it for a while. Thanks for the tip on using it for underpainting--I'll be testing it out very soon.