Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting--Limited Palette--Original Landscape Oil Painting--Work Ethic

The country is busy tonight voting in a historical election. It is all so very exciting. The polls begin to close in five minutes. The New York Times has a live update on its front page that shows incoming results. Because of time zones, the East Coast dominates the news. I will probably be glued to the television news, internet feedback, and the radio all at once this evening. In the interest of self-discipline and maintaining my work ethic, I am still posting my daily painting. Although it may seem insignificant in the midst of this historical day, hard work is what makes our country so great, so I will continue my effort at painting and posting daily.

Today's 5x7 inch oil painting is another miniature landscape created with only three colors plus white. Cadmium Yellow Medium, Perelyne Red, and Ultramarine Blue work amazingly well. The contrast between the yellow highlights on the autumn trees and the lavender of the shadows, branches, and tree trunks is one element that makes this little landscape effective. The composition works well as does the perspective. I hope you enjoyed my little vision of America in the midst of this very busy day.
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