Saturday, January 10, 2009

Night Tree Landscape--Original Landscape Oil Painting

This little 5x7 inch oil painting is one of my recycle wonders. My receycled wonders are paintings that don't initially turn out to my satisfaction, so I cover the painting with left over paint from my palette. I let the paint dry and eventually paint something new over the top of the old painting. There are wonderful textures and interestingly colored surfaces left from the previous work and paint over. It provides a great freedom. I'm never worried about whether it will turn out or not. These little recycled wonders are spontaneous and delightful. Today's recycle wonder represents some beautiful autumn trees on the edge of a lake at night. The brilliance of the trees is particularly striking in contrast to the darkness of the surroundings. It was a pleasure to create and I'm quite satisfied with the results. Sometimes I think all of my paintings should be created this way.
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Atul Pande said...

Nancy: This is a really dramatic scene. Nice work!

Audrey Bunt said...

You are right. Love the light in this one. recycling is good for the artist planet!

Sheila said...

Here I am struggling with my first night scene and you're whipping them out like yesterday's newspaper! I love this.

I came from Sketch a Day blog because your Gold Delicious caught my eye!

Nancy Merkle said...

Thank you for all the kind words. It feels so good when my paintings receive such positive comments!

Lydia said...

Hi Nancy,
I bought one of your 5x7s from your Etsy shop last year. Are you planning on placing this one there? I want it! Please let me know if you're considering letting it go.

Have you read Pentimento by Lillian Hellman? One of my favorite books. It begins with these words. Reminds me of your "recycle wonders."

Nancy Merkle said...

Lydia--Thank you for the kind words! I haven't read Lillian Hellman, but will be clickin on your link to check it out. I will contact you to arrange the purchase of this painting! I am thrilled that you like it so much.