Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playing with Color--American Still Life

Yes, I played with color. Experimenting with new palettes is always fun. This combination felt quite pleasing. I like bright colors, but I need to plan a better composition. I've taken design classes, studied theories on composition, but still feel like I haven't mastered effective composition. Right now Composition by Arthur Wesley Dow is in my shopping cart at Amazon. I discovered it while rambling through Katherine Tyrrell's blog, Making a Mark. It is a classic text which apparently influenced Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings extensively. I've examined a number of texts on composition, some better than others. I'll let the book sit in my shopping cart tonight and decide tomorrow whether to hit the purchase button. This painting is 8x10 on a recycled hardboard panel.


Madelaine said...

I really love the use of colours in this one! Especially the blue... which one did you use?

Torrie Smiley said...


I love the colors~


Nancy Merkle said...

Thank! The background is Thalo Blue and Titanium White--a dandy combination.

gianlucio said...

Hello Nancy, the paintings are very balanced color I like very much and I like to have you among my readers.
Hello to soon