Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farm and a Flat Tire--Original Landscape Oil Painting

Yesterday was a glorious fall afternoon and I was able to get outside after days of rain and showers. My bike and I went to the Foothills Trail in Pierce County and enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine, and lovely fall scenery. Round trip the trail runs 30 miles. I was feeling great, pedaling away, taking reference photos, and then I got a flat tire. My speedometer displayed 12 miles. Visions of a long walk crossed my mind, but I had a spare tire and a pump. I've only changed a tube once before. The questions lingered, could I do it again? Could I remember how? Sitting by the side of the trail, I removed the tire, put in the new tube, and my husband pumped like crazy with the little hand pump. Amazingly, in ten minutes and we were ready to go, stopped at Trailside Cyclery in Orting for more air, and made it back without incident. Today's 8x10 inch oil painting is based on one of the old farm houses that sits along side the trail. I love the area because of its rural atmosphere. We passed pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and rivers full of fishermen. I'm anxious to paint some more of my memories of this little adventure. This painting has joined some of my other landscape oil paintings at Impressions Gallery and can be purchased for $125.00 plus $12.00 for shipping to US addresses.
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