Monday, March 22, 2010

Pears in Light, Original Still Life Oil Painting

Lately I've been working on painting the effects of bright sunlight on objects. With the sun coming in from a nearby window, the contrast between shadow and sunlight is intensified. Often I fret about the contrast and am tempted to tone it down, but if I leaveit alone, I'm usually happier with the results. This painting is 8x10 inches on a hardboard panel, and except for the challenge of photographing it, I'm happy.

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Christine said...

This painting is excellent! It shows real development in your work (and bravery on your part!) to paint so loosely, showing the choppy brushstrokes and heightening the color contrast. I can't wait to see more! Thanks for the good dose of inspiration.

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks Christine--I appreciate your kind words.