Thursday, August 4, 2011

Single Girl

This summer I've been very fortunate because of the opportunities I've had to travel, visit friends, family, and wonderful vacation spots.  Even though travel has been frequent, I've tried to keep painting.  My paints and supplies go with me most places.  The challenge is that it takes some time for me to adjust to a new painting environment.  Wherever I go, the light is different, the working space is different, and the cleanup after each session is greater than at home in my studio.  However, the biggest challenge is trying to remember how to paint with all the new distractions.  Often I overwork a painting. With this painting I made a special effort to concentrate on painting shapes, colors, and keeping it loose.  The results were fun and a little abstract.  I'm satisfied.  The painting is 5x7 inches and reaffirmed that I can still paint amidst all the distractions of a new environment. It can be purchased at my Etsy Shop for $40.00 plus shipping by clicking on this link.

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