Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cottages at Venice Beach

Earlier this summer on one of my little vacations, I visited Venice Beach, California.  Although I have visited Southern California numerous times, the experience reminded me that it is a world apart from the environment of the Pacific Northwest where I can be in the wilderness in less than 15 minute and sit on an empty beach for hours without interruption. It was definitely a change for a native Washingtonian.  Venice Beach was full of little cottages that encouraged dreaming of vacation rentals and warm weather. While there, I snapped  a lot of pictures of  the unique little cottages that proliferate the area.  Painting this string of homes required a review of perspective drawing and careful attention to values. The painting, completed with oil paint, is 9x12 inches on a stretched canvas.  I can't decide whether to sell this one or keep it and create an entire series of  the cute little cottages that surround Venice Beach.  I'll let the paint dry and contemplate my next step.

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