Sunday, August 21, 2011

Painting the Ponderosa Pine

In the Pacific Northwest, especially west of the Cascade Mountains, fir trees abound.  I've painted them my entire life and feel comfortable with their shape and color. This summer, however, I spent a lot of time in Central Oregon.  Ponderosa Pines are the evergreen of choice for the climate.  Their shape is different, their needles are different, and they often have a wonderful reddish color to their bark which the Douglas Fir Trees of coastal region lack.  It has taken practice through most of the summer to feel comfortable with painting pine trees.  This 8x10 inch oil painting feels like a success.  It is listed for sale in my Etsy Shop now that the paint is completely dry.  It feels good to finally feel satisfied with my ability to create those uniquely shaped limbs of the pine tree.  View the painting in the shop or purchase by clicking here.  The painting was created on a gallery wrapped canvas.  The price is $110.00 plus shipping.

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