Monday, December 1, 2008

Longmire Hike--Original American Landscape Oil Painting

This 5x7 inch oil painting was created after a hike at Mount Rainier National Park last summer. Mount Rainier is an extinct volcano in Washington State. The surrounding area was declared a National Park in 1899 by an act of Congress. Longmire, a stopping point on the road up the mountain, has a delightful vintage lodge and a series of hikes as old as the park itself. The Trail of Shadows is a short hike that commences across the street from the Longmire lodge. It meanders through the forest and travels around a delightful meadow. The views are refreshing and there are numerous day hikes in the area. This painting provides a glimpse of the landscape and is listed in my Etsy Gallery. Thumbnail closeups of the brush strokes and purchase information is available here.
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