Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bank Side Trees--Original Contemporary Landscape Painting

Today's painting is an 8x10 inch impressionistic landscape based on a group of trees on the edge of the Carbon River in Washington State. Painting spots of color on a red underpainting worked well. I like the contemporary feel of this painting and am interested in working more in the contemporary, abstract direction. I like doing these small paintings as a way to audition new ideas. Sometimes they become larger works and sometimes they remain small one of a kind paintings. I haven't determined what will happen to this one yet.
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jagannath rao said...

Bankside trees is a great theme .I love this painting.I have some photographic images on the same theme and some times wonder how they will look in a painting.

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks! I try to take my camera with me everywhere--it's my second memory. When I need inspiration, I can usually find a photo somewhere in my stash to get me going.