Friday, August 14, 2009

The Long Road--Original American Landscape Oil Painting

During college, I spent several years living in the Polouse region of Eastern Washington State. It was a big change for me having lived my entire life in the moist coastal region of the Pacific Northwest. The empty grasslands and lack of evergreen trees disturbed me at first, but after a few years, I began to appreciate the beauty of the new landscape. This 18x24 inch landscape painting was inspired by the rolling landscape of Eastern Washington. I began this painting with a small 5x7 inch study to get the design and basic colors established. After determining the design would work, I translated it to the larger canvas. I have been tweaking it for several weeks now, but am finally going to call it quits and stop dabbling. This fall it will be put up for sale at Impressions Gallery or entered it into a regional art show. The small study I used to help me get started on this painting is for sale at the Small Impressions Gallery along with other small 5x7 inch studies.

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