Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paint Therapy--Plein Air Painting

Yesterday I was in need of a little paint therapy and there is nothing like plein air painting to make the day seem brighter. The saga began with a rescue dog that didn't work out. My husband and I were offered ownership of an Australian Shepherd whose owners could no longer keep him. My daughter owns a lovely Aussie who is a great pet, so my husband and I figured Jackson might be a good match for our family. Jackson moved in so we could get to know each other. He was affectionate and calm. He hung around, loved a good scratch on the ears and we thought all was well. However, later in the day, he nipped at the appliance repair man, snarled, growled, and nipped at my son, wouldn't let him in the house, then attacked my daughter's dog. We realized he was much too territorial for our household and gave him back to the original owners. We were sad and felt like failures as adoptive parents. Paint therapy was in order. I packed up my pochade box and headed for the park. The fresh morning air, the quiet breeze, and the sunshine helped to heal my disappointment. This 5x7 inch painting resulted from my trek to the park. A dilapidated old barn, hidden by trees served as my subject and put a new light on my day. Paint therapy works wonders in healing a wounded soul.
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Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Nancy, oh yes, I do agree about the plein air therapy. I was out today and it's wonderful. It's a shame about the dog, you did the right thing. Sorry to say that dog had some serious issues. Aside from the therapy thing, your work is outstanding.

Nancy Merkle said...

Thanks Joan--always nice to hear from another painter!

Megha Chhatbar said...

Yes it is true Nancy...Fresh air is a real healer...I love your painting and the color choice you make.Nice to find you dear! :)

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