Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rings and Circles Abstract Painting Series

The second in my series of rings and circles abstract paintings took a while to post, but here it is.  I'll admit it; I've been procrastinating.  I've had a new laptop for months, but don't like installing software. A history of installation trouble kept me from moving forward.   So there--my excuse for irregular posting.  Today I finally did the work and put the software on the new laptop.   I guess there are no more excuses.  Information about this original painting, reproduction prints, and posters are available from my website.  I hope you will visit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


On the road for the past month, my travels have created a big challenge for keeping my followers updated on my work, but I'm finally home and it feels good to get back to my usual routine.  I created this original 16x20 inch abstract before my travels began.  I was inspired by of Jane Davies and the abstracts she creates.  We have a lot of similarities in our work and a lot of differences.  It seems we are both intuitive in our creations and work with organic shapes, colors, and designs.  However, from my research, it seems she works on paper most of the time.  My work tends to be on canvas.  If you explore our work, I think you'll see some of the similarities and differences that I discovered are apparent. Reproduction prints of this painting are available from my gallery at Fine Art America.  I'm working on some companion pieces in this series which I will be posting soon.