Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Working on a Series

I've been working on a series of square landscapes size 24x24. I have finished the two below and am excited to continue the series. Both are available as fine art prints on stretched canvas from the landscape section of my print shop. When I can get some better photos, the originals will be submitted to Ugallery and, with some luck and the approval of the curator, appear in my personal gallery. In the meantime, I still have two more canvases waiting for paint.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Little Birds

Spring has definitely arrived this week. Record breaking warm weather in the Northwest brought out a lot of little birds that inspired me. This week I have started listing this little collection in my Etsy Shop. The Robins are already listed and the rest will follow shortly as the paint dries. Hope you will stop by and check out my little paintings of Birds and Animals.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Last Snow

Just when it seemed like spring was coming, the weather has changed and provided a last dump of snow in Central Oregon where I have been hiding out for the past few weeks with a broken ankle and an ugly boot. It was going to be a short trip, so my paints didn't go with me. After sitting with my foot elevated for way too many days, it was a pleasure to finally be home and have a chance to get back to my art. This little 8x10 inch oil painting with its combination of warm and cool colors was created with oil paints on a stretched canvas. The original is available in my Etsy shop. If you dream of having it available in a larger size, wonderful giclee prints in sizes up to 38.5x48 are also available on paper or canvas. Click here to see the reproduction possibilities in my print shop. I've also been working on some miniature paintings of fruit and birds that I will post as soon as the paint dries, so check back again soon.