Monday, September 28, 2015

No Water, Dry Creek

Still working off the inspiration of my recent road trip, I created this 11x14 inch landscape painting that depicts one of many dried up creeks and rivers that I crossed on my journey. Before the rains begin again, the scene of a rocky shoreline and an absence of water is common. I enjoyed using paint to create the contrast between the sparse greenery of the land and the dusty ground. Right now this painting is available as a reproduction here. When I finally get myself organized, the original will be offered for sale in my Etsy shop, Small Impressions, along with many of my other small format originals.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Road Trip Inspiration

After spending almost three weeks on the road, I have finally made it home and am back in my studio painting. It was a wonderful trip, but I missed creating art with a brush and paint. This painting was inspired by the beauty of open spaces found across the North American continent. Changing light, huge open spaces, and agriculture that feeds the world were a part of the drive and a big part of my most recent inspiration. The original painting was created on an 18x24 inch stretched canvas with professional grade acrylic paints. Right now it is only available as a reproduction. I want to hold on to the original for a while. I may eventually offer it for sale, but for now it will hang on my wall at home and remind me of my most recent adventures.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last of the Sunsets

After a glorious summer, the rains have returned to the Pacific Northwest. A severe windstorm that toppled trees, days of dark gloomy skies, and lots of shower activity mark the return to the usual weather pattern. It makes me glad that I painted some summer sunsets because they remind me that the weather won't always be gray. Today's painting is the last of a trio of 11x14 inch oil painting on stretched canvas. The paint is almost dry, so the original will be available in my Etsy Shop soon along with some miniature sunsets in smaller sizes. Reproductions are available from my print shop. Check out my Sea Gallery for more West Coast Seascapes, boats, and ocean creatures.