Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Struggling to Be Loose

Today's painting is one of a series of six 5x7 inch paintings I completed as an exercise in loosening up my painting. Lately I've frustrated myself with a perfectionistic streak. As common sense dictates, humans are imperfect, so perfection is an unrealistic and full of disappointment. The irony is, my preference in art is toward the painterly and loose, but somehow I found myself fussing over detail. The result was that the more I fussed, the worse the painting became. Then, I ran across an exercise at the Wetcanvas Forum that was designed for acrylic painting, but the ideas translated well to the practice of oil painting. I completed the exercises and allowed my work to be imperfect. It felt good. This painting is my favorite in the series. You can view the others here.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Squares and Circles

This 8x10 inch oil painting is the second in my summer fruit series. As I planned this painting, a focus on composition guided me. It was fun to put together the squares and circles. This painting and its companion may be just a pair of siblings that go no further or I might work some more on the squares and circles idea. It is always fun to experiment.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Fruit Painting from Grayscale Beginning

A trio of nectarines purchased yesterday have been on a table in my studio most of the day. I've enjoyed painting them in a number of different arrangements, but this rendering is my favorite. The painting is 8x10 inches on a gessoed panel. I began with an acrylic underpainting to gauge the values and then glazed with transparent oil color. I'm looking forward to more paintings of the ripening summer fruit that is coming into season. Since these aren't quite ripe, I'll be painting them again tomorrow!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunshine on Canvas

Finally, the sun has come out in the Pacific Northwest. The thermometer hit 77 degrees yesterday. After over 200 days of weather below 75, it felt wonderful. I celebrated by painting sunflowers. Not only is the color bright, but they lend themselves well to a loose style and thick paint. Summer is finally here. When the paint dries, it will be offered for sale with some of my other floral paintings at Etsy. It has been hard to keep the gallery stocked with these sunny little works of art. This painting is 5x7 inches on a canvas panel.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lettuce use Burnt Umber

Yesterday, while I was out looking at frames, I stopped by our local Half Price Books store. Every once in a while I find a rare art book for a really reasonable price. Sometimes I pick up a book that I wouldn't pay full price for, but at half the price, it lands in my shopping cart. This painting was an experiment inspired by yesterday's half-price purchase of Color Mixing The Van Wyk Way. She advocated using Cad Yellow Light, Thalo Yellow Green, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black, and white to paint a head of lettuce. I have all of these colors, but the Burnt Umber and Ivory Black are never on my palette, so when I squeezed out a little color to experiment, I was fully expecting a mess of a painting. To my amazement, the umber and black mixed beautifully with the Thalo Yellow Green and produced a wonderful range of greens. I'll be doing some more experimenting with these colors in the future since I'm happy the way this turned out. I'm not sure if this book is still in print and I know Helen Van Wyk has passed, but the book turned out to be a very worthy purchase.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

To Frame or Not?

Today's painting is the second in my Yellow Wall series. Now I'm debating framing. Each of these paintings was created on a stretched canvas painted on the sides and stapled on the back. Many people like canvases with back staples and painted sides because framing is not considered necessary. I've hung several paintings in this manner and the lack of additional framing cost does feel pretty good, but I still think paintings without frames look unfinished. In my opinion, framing finishes the work, but it must be completede carefully. A bad frame will make a good piece of art look bad, but a bad painting can look good in a great frame. I'm going to spend my morning looking at frames. I'm thinking a floater might be good for this series.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Yellow Wall

A burnt sienna under painting began a series of paintings each of which features a yellow wall, a walking woman, and a shadow. The two completed so far are both 16x20 inches. My plans include a third painting which will contain more of the same elements, but in a different composition. Focusing on composition and color in a larger size is a nice change. Reproduction prints of this painting are available from my website, here.  Hope you enjoyed looking.  Contact me at smallimpressions@hotmail.com if you are interested in purchasing the original.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Strawberry Season

Strawberry season is coming. I'm looking forward to having a few of these big juicy gems. This oil painting is 5x7 inches on a canvas panel. It can be puchased for $35.00 plus $6.50 for shipping to US addresses. Buy it here. I've also painted a companion piece of the same size and subject, but with a different composition. Look here to view the companion or here to see some of my other small fruit paintings.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tennis Art

This is the first of a couple of tennis ball paintings I've been asked to create. I wasn't sure when I'd be able to get started on this commission until next month, so it was nice to steal some time a put this one together. It is a 4x6 inch oil painting on a canvas panel. I'm happy the way it turned out and hope the companion piece that comes next will turn out as well.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Oil Sketch, Original Farm House

This 5x7 inch oil painting is one of my favorite little oil sketches. The sunlit boards and the lush greenery captured my attention when this one was created. For $35.00 plus $6.50 for shipping to US addresses it can be purchased and added to your collection. SOLD
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aussie Pet Portrait

Here is the second in my recent set of pet portraits. Like the one I posted yesterday, this one was a pleasure to paint. I love the soft white fir on his face and chest; it makes it a pleasure to give him a pet or scratch his chest. This painting is also 5x7 inches. Now we're off to the dog park for a little romp.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Window Watcher

This is Chaco, my daughter's Australian Shepherd. He is about a year and a half old and keeps everyone in his life quite busy with his endless energy. He loves to catch a frizbee and has a hard time sitting still. A few weeks ago I took a lot of photos of him as he was gazing out our front window looking for some action. This painting is based on one of those photos. It is 5x7 inches on a Raymar canvas panel. I'm not sure if the painting will ever leave the family. We love Chaco too much to let go of one of his portraits.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Red Vase, Yellow Apples Painting

I love painting the red vase in this painting. The color is rich and the reflections are even better. Red leaning to purple and orange revealing itself on the reflection in the yellow apples made the creation of this little 5x7 inch oil painting especially fun to create. I've painted this vase a number of times and don't get tired of doing so. This painting on a Raymar Canvas Panel is for sale this week in my Etsy Shop, Small Impressions Paintings for $50.00 plus $6.50 for shipping to US addresses.

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