Sunday, December 15, 2013

Go Bigger with Auditions

Using canvases with an aspect ratio that lets me easily scale up is a practice that helps me audition ideas for larger works.  I painted several little 4x5 inch paintings that are great for determining color and design.  These little paintings are fun and quick to do and gives me plenty of options when I want to go bigger.  A 4x5 scales up well to an 8x10, 16x20, or 32x40 inch painting.  I couldn't decide which  worked best, so I'm posting two of them.  You can see them in my Etsy ShopClick here to see the first one that I call "Field Light".  It has already SOLD, but the second one that I call "Dawn." is still available.  Both began with an under painting of Alizarin Crimson.  I love the warmth provided by the under painting.  I haven't decided yet whether to go bigger with these little ideas, so I will keep auditioning with my little paintings.  Visit here or here or here to see more of my small landscape auditions and a few slightly larger paintings.

Hope you like my little auditions and will stop by again soon.  Original and fine art reproductions of my larger paintings are available on my website.

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