Friday, September 7, 2018

Travelling Artist

On the road almost all summer visiting wonderful places around the Northwest, I kept painting even though I neglected posting. Now that September is here, I will share some of my adventures and plan to be more consistent with my blog posts.

First of all, I've quit trying to travel with oil paints. At least for now. I decided I needed something with a quick setup and clean up.  Oil paints can be messy and challenging to transport. Instead, I take lots of photos for when I return home and can take my time and paint in my studio.  

In spite of the trouble with oils, I haven't quit painting on the road. Instead I've shifted to using gouache paints. They are a water media that dries quickly like watercolor paints. The setup and cleanup feels more efficient than oils. Unlike traditional watercolors, however, gouache is opaque. I can layer and apply in a manner more like oil paints and I like that they dry to a nice matte finish.

Now that fall has returned, I plan to be more consistent with my blog posts. I'm pretty good with my instagram posts and I list items almost daily in my Etsy Shop.  You can see more of my gouache work and my oil paintings there.

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