Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue Plate Lemons--Original Oil Painting

I'm not quite finished with this painting. I like to paint wet in wet, all in one sitting, but when doing so, I have to be careful not to muddy up my colors. I'm please with most of this painting, but I had to stop because I was on the verge of mud making. There are still some touch ups, but it will have to wait a while so I don't make a mess. That's the trouble with oil painting, it takes so long to dry. There are mediums that can be added to the paint to make it dry faster, but they often add a sheen I don't like or dry with an uneven gloss. I prefer paint with no additives. When the painting dries, in a week or so, I'll do my final touch ups. Then it will be another week before I can list it for sale at Impressions Gallery along with some of my other still life oil paintings. This painting is 8x10 inches on a 1/4 inch gessoed hardboard panel.
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