Thursday, September 17, 2009

Decisions--Decisions--Making Decisions

I just ordered five new frames for an upcoming small works show. They are standard mahogany frames that will work well with most of my paintings. I've used them before in gallery showings and their universality is wonderful. The trouble I'm having is making a decision which paintings to enter. I pulled some of my favorite paintings off the wall, a few out of my Small Impressions Gallery at Etsy, and lined them up in the living room. I chose five of my favorites from the group, then recruited my husband for a vote for his top five. This 5x7 inch painting is the only one of the dozen that we agreed upon. Choosing paintings for juried shows is one of my biggest challenges. What I prefer isn't always the preference of others. Paintings I think will sell quickly don't necessarily do so. Paintings I don't care for often move quickly out of my inventory. Thus, the collection of twelve will remain lined up in my living room and every visitor will get to vote on their top five. When the deadline arrives, I'll tally the votes, throw the dice, frame up the winners and hope the jurors have taste similar to those who visit me over the next few weeks.
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Elizabeth Seaver said...

I agree that choosing the right paintings for a juried show is extremely hard. I often resort to the same decision making process--asking the opinions of people I trust.

Good luck with your entries!

Charlotte painting said...

Love your work so alive!

Nancy Merkle said...