Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twilight Apples--Original Still Life Oil Painting

I'm painting on black gessoed panels again. What prompted it is a request that I paint a larger version of one of my small still life paintings. I often use my small paintings as source materials for larger paintings. Since the painting had been created quite a while ago, I had to review it in order to recall the methods I used to develop it. To my surprise it was painted on a black gessoed panel. This made sense. The colors were deep and the mood rather dark and mysterious. At the same time, from my storage corner, I also extracted this little 5x7 inch apple painting that was also completed on a black gessoed panel. In the next couple of days I will add it to my Small Impressions Gallery where I also sell other small still life oil paintings. Prices range from $15.00 for very small paintings on inexpensive canvas panels to $125.00 for 8x10 inch paintings on hardboard panels. Larger still life oil paintings are available at Impressions Gallery in sizes 8x10 to 18x24.
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