Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reworking--Toning Down--Brightening Up

This is a 18x24 inch painting that I started last summer. I've never been satisfied with it. Today it came out of the closet and landed on my easel again. There were two problems that particularly bothered me. The road was too bright, too busy, and distracting, so I toned it down with an overcoat of warm gray. I like it much better now. In addition, the trees were dull and flat. I brightened up the trunks with a little cadmium orange and added some light to the left side of the left tree. I'm still not certain the trees are what I want, but the road is definitely an improvement. After it dries, I'll probably stare at it for a few more months before deciding its future. It may eventually enter Impressions Gallery with some of my other larger paintings.
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nina kuriloff said...

this is a lovely painting with a nice sense of depth!

Nancy Merkle Fine Art said...

Thanks Nina--I'm so glad to receive your feedback!