Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Apples and The Botany of Desire

This little painting was inspired by the first chapter in Michael Pollan's book, The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-eye View of the World. It is a delightful book about the evolution of four domesticated plants, the apple, the tulip, marijuana, and the potato. Though it sounds odd to write an entire book on just four plants, it is truly a delightful read. I learned so much about the history and evolution of the simple apple, that I've been painting apples all morning. These little crab apples are on a 4x6 inch canvas panel. They have joined some of my other small still life paintings at Small Impressions Gallery and can be purchased here for $24.00 plus $6.50 for shipping to US addresses. I've just begun the second chapter on the tulip. Pollan's style is refreshing, fun, and inspires me to paint. Tulips are next; I wonder what will happen when I get to the chapter on marijuana.
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